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The largest annual academic conference of textile printing and dyeing assistant industry was held in full.

Company news
Chengjiang Chemical
Release time:
2018/01/10 11:12
On May 21, the twenty-seventh annual academic conference of textile printing and dyeing auxiliary industry in zhejiang province was held in shaoxing.
The meeting
Zhejiang textile printing and dyeing assistant industry association President xia jianming, zhejiang printing and dyeing industry association vice President ma zhifang and other industry leaders attended. The conference will discuss the development direction of the industry around printing and dyeing, auxiliaries, raw materials and technology. Meeting with technology innovation, technological progress, reduce resource consumption, reduce environmental pollution, improve product added value, improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth, innovative marketing mode, accelerate the structure optimization adjustment and change of the pattern of economic development as the theme. At the beginning of the meeting, the venue was full of seats. According to organizers, the conference registration report actually number more than 290 people, the scene audience of more than 400 people at least, participants are from printing and dyeing enterprises, fertilizer manufacturers, universities and colleges, scientific research units, and various chemical company.
At least 400 people are listening.
Jian-ming xia, President of the textile auxiliaries industry association of zhejiang province are introduced, its mainly on textile auxiliaries enterprises in zhejiang province and its raw material suppliers, and absorb the textile printing and dyeing technology development of scientific research institutes, the related teaching units and other related to textile auxiliaries dyes, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, and trade and other enterprises voluntarily, established according to law has the legal person status of the nonprofit community of the province industry group. In his report, he pointed out that new ingredients, new technologies, and new additives.
Ma zhifang, vice President of zhejiang printing and dyeing industry association, encouraged enterprise innovation in his speech. He gave a case of a successful enterprise in China to share with you. The company establishes high-tech cooperation relationship with German enterprises in the field of dyeing and finishing, and introduces foreign technology to service domestic first-line printing and dyeing enterprises; At the same time, we will give timely feedback to the domestic high-end customers to cooperate with foreign businessmen to help domestic enterprises solve problems in time. In the interaction with domestic and foreign suppliers and purchasers, enterprises have forged their own scientific research strength and finally realized the rapid development of enterprises.
The on-site product exchange will be attended by dozens of enterprises.
The units participating in this meeting are listed as follows:
Ningbo runhe new materials technology co. LTD.
Hangzhou kecheng chemical co. LTD.
Zhangjiagang topp chemical co. LTD.
Zhejiang kefeng chemical co. LTD.
Institute of dyeing and finishing technology of zhejiang textile and garment college.
Anhui keguang new material co. LTD.
Dongguan enke chemical co. LTD.
Gao bao chemical international co. LTD.
Guangzhou xumei chemical technology co. LTD.
Nanjing gutian chemical co. LTD.
Liaoning Oxiranchem, Inc.
Ningbo yinzhou green detergent factory.
Shanghai jiao ear wax co. LTD.
Shanghai shangqing industrial co. LTD.
Shangyu dupu chemical plant.
Suzhou liansheng chemical co. LTD.
Tsida (Beijing) textile testing co. LTD.
Weihannowei xinghe new material co. LTD.
Zhejiang hanbang chemical co. LTD.
Changzhou zhongce textile auxiliary co. LTD.
Foshan gaoxin chemical co. LTD.
Guangzhou costar textile auxiliary co. LTD.
Jiangsu haiyun flower new material co. LTD.
Lianhong new material co. LTD.
Ningbo liankai chemical co. LTD.
Shanghai gude chemical co. LTD.
Shanghai yiyun textile auxiliary co. LTD.
Shanghai sarafu chemical co. LTD.
Shaoxing zhixin fertilizer factory.
Jiyang tianyuan chemical co. LTD.
Tongxiang city solution chemical co. LTD.
Wuxi kailai biotechnology co. LTD.
Zhejiang new Haitian biotechnology co. LTD.
Subject report:
(1) development status, hot spots, trends and countermeasures of new surfactants at home and abroad;
(2) new synthetic method of embedded silicon oil and its extended product practical technology;
(3) development ideas, development and improvement ideas of embedded silicon oil;
(4) the development direction of environmental friendly additives and additives and the status and development of high concentration additives;
(5) development of new textile dyeing and finishing technology and auxiliary auxiliaries;
(6) development and thinking of hot-spot textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries;
(7) the current situation, mechanism, approach, development direction and application process of low-temperature dyeing and finishing key technology and auxiliary auxiliary technology;
(8) the status, development idea and application of printing auxiliaries in printing production;
(9) application of polyether and polyether amine in the preparation of block silicone oil;
(10) status and development trend of functional finishing auxiliaries;
(11) development and selection of auxiliaries used in garment washing and processing;
(12) development and application of wool (cashmere) clothing dyeing and finishing auxiliaries;
(13) preparation of biological enzyme auxiliaries and their application in dyeing and finishing process;
(14) new progress in foreign textile and dyeing chemical technology and products;
(15) introduction of the technical barriers of harmful substances in textiles and chemicals in the United States and Europe and the introduction of relevant foreign laws and regulations, and the solutions of textile auxiliary enterprises;
(16) the environmental protection problems and countermeasures that the auxiliaries may cause;
(17) promotion and introduction of new surfactants and new additives.