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Jiangsu environmental protection management: chemical industry transformation and synergetic effect.

Industry news
Chengjiang Chemical
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2018/01/10 11:17
In 2017 after a long holiday, "ten · one" reporter visited multiple county of lianyungang, yancheng and huaian city chemical industrial park, the main leadership in economic work conference spirit to convey the central and provincial party committee believes that a test of the investment in environmental protection will only become more and more big.
The changes of the development zones, especially the chemical industrial parks in the investment attraction and the operation of existing enterprises, are a typical microcosm of China's emphasis on green development in recent years. Since the eighteenth big, vulgar way of the development of the past began to transform from the essence, after a series of strict environmental protection policy was implemented, reversed transmission directly to the local government to rethink the regional economy and industry development train of thought.
As the second largest economy in China, jiangsu is also burdened with the historical burden of heavy industrial structure, large development intensity and high emissions. As to the height of the central spirit to carry out, jiangsu in 2016 began to implement the most stringent in the history of "263" environmental protection special action plan, to ensure that the provincial "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" ecological environment protection targets and tasks are completed.
Transformation of chemical industry
Like steel and oil, chemical industry is an important part of national economy, and it also becomes the focus of environmental protection in jiangsu.
According to statistics, in 2014, jiangsu had 4139 oil and chemical enterprises with a total revenue of 1.88 trillion yuan (national second) and profit of 103.45 billion yuan.
"If the enterprise thinks that the rectification is completed, the relevant responsible persons of the enterprise, the park management committee and the environmental protection bureau shall have to sign and bear the responsibility." Officials at a park management committee said it was an important guarantee for risk prevention. The local government has explicitly called for "small enterprises" to "cooperate" with large enterprises and turn "assets" into "capital" to facilitate the existing investors' retreat.
Free enterprise to do solid waste treatment.
Environmental protection forces the local government to change the concept of an important grasp is the assessment.
"Because infrastructure investment has a fixed plan, it can ensure a certain amount of investment growth. In the past, the government has done a lot of work. Now it is better to give it to the market." A local government official said. In this way, the local government has changed the management mode of chemical industry, and turned to optimize the investment environment.
With local government officials, the existing operation of the chemical enterprise are standard, but continues to environmental governance, and to raise standards in a new round of development, hope to a new standard for advice in the central level can extend to the county level.
Environmental credit and bank risk control linkage.
According to the reform process, in jiangsu province has set up a pilot in the "environmental monitoring and supervision law enforcement vertical tube" reform, adjust the regional county environmental protection bureau dispatched office of the municipal environmental protection bureau, the municipal environmental protection bureau direct management, leadership team members shall be appointed or removed by the municipal environmental protection bureau.
In practice, the environmental protection department also meets the reasonable demands of enterprises, because the environmental credit reference needs to be advanced steadily, and it needs to be improved to be more precise. 21st century business herald reporter in an interview in suzhou, according to the difference of water price in 2016 began a large-scale implementation, has now been pushed in the whole province, and starting from 2018 binding will be bigger, reversed transmission directly enterprise transformation and upgrading.
In the cover, the controlled and provincial enterprise (enterprise) on the gauge has been completely into, equipped with a monitoring device, the next step is covering wide bedding face of small to medium enterprises and small enterprises, changing human evaluation, to the extent of the on-line monitoring, automatic collection and analysis, is expected to reach 15 m in 2020.
From 21st century business herald: wang haiping.